Things Not Understood

can destroy the world, our ancestors said. To perceive the true nature of things was their priority. And yet they handed down myths and legends that seem to make no sense. What made them save this sacred literature even in wars and migrations? Some people realized that books saved at such cost were valuable. But the key to their meaning had been lost, making the stories sound magical and silly. So they dedicated themselves to unlock the ancient words.

Mythology wasn’t an exact science. It couldn’t be proved or disproved like mathematics. But it gave ADDITIONAL proof that someone, or some event, had existed thousands of years ago. When myths were carefully researched and compared, they revealed genuine history.

In this 21st century we plan to colonize other planets in our solar system. But we couldn’t do this if it hadn’t been for “the many old giants on whose shoulders we are priveleged to stand.” Long, long ago they were first to send out colonies and record human history.